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Chris McCormack Successful in Long-Running AB Dispute

Chris McCormack was successful in defending an accident benefits claim for income replacement, medical, and rehabilitation benefits (Landa v. The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company, LAT 19-011699/AABS). This matter related to an accident that occurred in 2007. The 1996 SABS and the 2010 SABS applied to the issues in dispute. Adjudicator Kepman found that the claimant was not entitled to an IRB as she failed to provide requested information pursuant to s. 33 of the SABS. Medical and rehabilitation benefits were not payable as the claimant failed to submit treatment plans in accordance with the SABS and FSCO guidelines and/or failed to prove that the proposed benefits were reasonable and necessary as a result of the accident. The successful result in this hearing followed successful results in a preliminary issues hearing and two reconsideration hearings.