V.L. v. TD Meloche Monnex (16-000308)

The claimant applied for caregiver benefits. The claimant did not reside with his parents (the alleged dependants), but rather resided approximately 900 metres away on foot and 3 kms away by car. Adjudicator Treksler awarded caregiver benefits stating the legislation was silent on the term “reside” and therefore must be interpreted on a case-by-case basis as it is a question of fact. The adjudicator was also satisfied that the caregiver expenses had been incurred based on a notarized confirmation.

D.S. v. Economical Mutual Insurance Company (16-000201)

The claimant sustained a catastrophic impairment. The claimant applied for caregiver benefits. The main issue was whether the claimant or his wife was the primary caregiver at the time of the accident. The claimant was denied caregiver benefits by Adjudicator Treksler because his wife was found to be the primary caregiver from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective.